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About Craftsman Piano

Craftsman Piano is a dual proprietor company, owned and operated by Susan and Joseph Hanerfeld. We meet the highest standards in the industry for piano repair and piano restoration.

We have been in business as a piano tuning and servicing company for over 31 years. Joe was trained by an old time master by the name of Arthur Abrams and apprenticed for two years in a rebuilding shop in Westchester, New York. Since then we have provided services for:

● Jack Kahn Pianos
● Westchester Piano Co.
● White Plains Piano and Organ
● Piano Piano

Craftsman Piano is part of a network of wholesalers that locates, refinishes and rebuilds pianos from all around the country. This network specializes in locating and/or customizing high-end pianos such as Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Yamaha, Baldwin and Kawai to name a few.

We have a large inventory of pianos available in many styles and finishes. Also, a piano refinishing job can be matched to any wood color sample you provide. In addition, any style legs and lyres can be created to any specifications that you can dream of.

We buy Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Yamaha and Bösendorfer Pianos. Craftsman Piano also rebuilds and restores pianos nationwide. Photos can be viewed on the Piano Sales page.


  • High quality work, on time, good prices, easy communication, overall a great pleasure to do business with.

    For many years now I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with Joe Hanerfeld and his fine crew at Craftsman Piano Co. I value greatly their desire to please and the ever-increasing range of services offered at good prices. This is an ambitious and hard working company, ready to expand skills and materials as the occasion demands. In addition to rebuilding services, they have a network for piano brokering and specialists that have served me and my customers very well.

    Terry Flynn
    Flynn Pianos, a prominent piano technician whose regular clients include Dave Brubeck and Peter Serkin.
  • I have known and do business with Mr. Joe Hanerfeld and the Craftsman Piano Company for well over ten years. I would like to express the great satisfaction and respect for the professionalism, very high standard, as well as the unyielding integrity Mr. Hanerfeld and his staff has shown to me. All these years, his very honest business practices has earned him my unconditional loyalty. We have bought over a dozen pianos from his company, as well as he has been maintaining them all along. I have and will surely continue recommending him many times over, to anyone who is truly serious about getting the best value in purchasing or servicing a piano.

    Dr. Gines-Didier Cano
    Director/Owner Crestwood Music Education Center
  • My name is Arpad Maklary. I learned my trade at the Hungarian Musical Instrument School where I later became an instructor for piano restoration as well. I have worked with Joe Hanerfeld at Craftsman Piano for two years. In these two years Joe Hanerfeld, myself and the guys in the shop have done our best to increase the quality of the work. At this point I believe we are the equal of the best restoration houses in the country. In my opinion Joe has made it his business to build beautiful pianos. He has done his best to accommodate customers. And take care of any warranty issues promptly.

    Arpad Maklary
  • It’s been a pleasure over the last 10 years to do business with Joe Hanerfeld who together with his staff of experienced specialists delivers exceptional quality rebuilding and refinishing and great value. The work has always been completed on time, on price and with attention to every detail. As a piano technician with over 30 years experience, I have learned to associate with the best and I appreciate the no nonsense top quality service that Craftsman Piano delivers.

    Bob Dowling
    Registered Piano Technician/Pianist
  • Joe, thank you so much for the magnificent Steinway B piano. I so much appreciate both your workmanship and your professionalism. This piano is perfectly suited for this particular space — a large restored barn with high ceilings, pine floors, and hardwood beams. The tone is ideal: both warm and clear, with a wide dynamic range plus a wide range of color. My wife (Jenni, an amateur pianist) has already fallen in love with it. In addition, I look forward to using it for informal chamber music evenings here with friends — including professional musicians I met during my many years with the Vermeer String Quartet. Bravo for your wonderful work!

    Richard Young
  • About 12 years ago I was directed to Craftsman Pianos for rebuilding of my inherited Mason & Hamlin BB (from 1929). Joe and his crew did a fine job of overhauling, though because of costs I opposed replacement of the action. The case was beautifully restored by one of Joe’s suppliers. Over the years Joe tackled the action and other features, and now I have a piano of high quality. His tuning throughout the years has been very fine. The result is a beautiful instrument that I think is the equal or better than any midsize piano. It was a good investment and gives real pleasure.

    Stuart Boynton


Why should I buy a restored piano over a new piano?

Restored pianos generally have a superior tone compared to today’s modern pianos. They have more elegant cabinets and veneers – sometimes with intricate engravings. They hold their value better and are not made with composite board or have any plastic components other than keys. Many have real Ivory-covered keys. They were built by craftsmen using solid, seasoned wood and have a true life expectancy of 80-100 years before the need for restoration.

Many newer pianos are built in Asia, but also in the USA, Russia and Western Europe. The majority are mass-produced in an assembly-line. To keep manufacturing costs down, the quality of parts suffers, kilns are used to artificially ‘season’ wooden parts and some soundboards can be made out of multi-laminated wood! Cases are usually plain in character or refinement. Poor quality instruments lose their value quicker, compared to older restored pianos. Beware of German and American sounding names with lower prices. You get what you pay for.

Should I have my piano restored?

Not all traditional pianos are worth restoring. Some lesser-known makes/models are not sturdy enough or musically good enough, to justify the investment. Selection of your piano is important. If you have a good name piano such as Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Knabe, Chickering, Baldwin, Petroff, Sohmer and a few select others-these are worth restoring.

Why should I buy a restored piano or have my piano restored from Craftsman Piano?

We use the finest quality parts and materials at a low cost. Our technicians take pride in paying attention to every detail and are truly dedicated to doing the job as if it were their own piano. We guarantee our grand pianos for five years.

What parts do we use when restoring our pianos?

We use the world’s finest parts which are used in the best pianos such as the Hamburg Steinways, Bosendorfers and Mason & Hamlins.

How long would it take to have my piano restored?

The piano restoration process takes approximately 12-16 weeks from the time your piano is picked up.

How long do you guarantee your pianos?

We guarantee our grand pianos for five years on all parts and labor and three years for uprights.

If I have my piano restored, do you supply a piano in the meantime?

Yes, if you have your piano restored by us and need a piano in the meantime, we will supply you with a piano until your piano is completed.

If I am looking for a particular piano which you currently do not have, can you find me a piano that I am looking for?

Yes, we search within our network of dealers without any obligation.

What about cost of shipping?

Often, cost of shipping is calculated into the cost of the instrument. In many cases the costs are negotiated in the purchase price.

Once an instrument is purchased, how does the insurance work?

Until the instrument is delivered, the carrier has it insured for full purchase price. Because we often sell our instruments for “below market value”, the buyer may elect to purchase additional insurance.

How are the transactions made?

Each purchase can be different. Wire transfers are a good option. Bank checks or money orders work well too. Personal checks are accepted but, it slows down the delivery process as we will not ship an instrument until the check has cleared.

Reasons to Buy a Piano at Craftsman Piano Sales and Service

The most important reason to buy a piano from Craftsman Piano Co. is that we produce Concert Quality restorations of Steinway and Mason and Hamlin Pianos.

The prices of our restored pianos are a fraction of the cost of new Steinway and Mason Pianos, while our quality control is superior to the new pianos produced in factories.

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