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Services & Repair

To keep your piano performing and looking its best we provide you the following services:

– Complete Restoration
– Action Repair
– Tuning
– Cleaning
– String Replacement
– Keytop Replacement
– Rebuilding

– Refinishing
– Customization
– Dampp Chaser
– Disk Player Installation
– Piano Tops
– Locating High-end Pianos
– Piano moving and set up

We can provide expert insurance appraisals from our professional staff.

Institutional Services

Craftsman has worked with educational institutions, places of worship, and cultural centers.

We are prepared to provide assistance with our present inventory to provide the best solution for your school, church, hotel, or restaurant. Craftsman Piano has helped institutions throughout the east coast to bring music to their students and patrons.

We can also provide expert insurance appraisals from our professional staff.

Call us at (201) 707-0528 for more information on our Institutional Services program.

Piano Leasing

As inexpensive as renting

Some people need time to decide whether owning a piano is right for them. Our Leasing programs make it as inexpensive as renting to have a quality instrument in your home. Monthly fees apply to a purchase at end of lease.

Select from our broad range of consoles, performance uprights, spinets, and grand pianos.

Whether for a day, a week, a month a year or longer, we can find the piano that best suits your need.

Piano Brokering

Get the piano of your dreams

Imagine if you can obtain the piano of your dreams…We can help make that dream come true. Craftsman Piano is part of a nationwide network of piano retailers and wholesalers. Whatever type or style of piano that you desire we can help you locate it.

We can assist you in selling your piano (as a broker) if you are located in the tri-state area for a fee of 10-20%. Please contact us and provide us with the brand name, serial number (age) and price that you want for your piano. We give you top dollar for your piano. We can sell from your premises.

Send us an email with a photo of your piano or contact us at (201) 707-0528

Referral Service

Finding professionals in your area

Studies have shown many benefits resulting from music education. Studying music helps to develop the skills that are necessary for success in life. There is now scientific evidence that piano music instruction produces changes in the brain which improve intellectual development. Whether you are young or old, there isn’t a better time than now to learn how to play. We work with the music educators in the New York City area to help you get the most enjoyment and benefit from your piano. Contact us for more details.

If you are a piano teacher and wish to learn about our affiliation program, please contact us. We provide teacher and music school lists for our clients upon request.

Piano Moving
We provide referrals for expert movers that we trust. If you need a mover, please contact us.

We can also provide expert insurance appraisals from our professional staff.

Call us at (201) 707-0528 for more information on our referral services program.