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Convert Your Old Piano to a Desk

Many old family upright pianos present a dilemma. The case of the piano is beautiful, the piano has sentimental family value, but the piano is no longer a musical instrument which can function properly. The cost to restore the piano to usefulness is prohibitive. What to do? Here is a possible solution. The piano could be turned into a desk, a computer station, a stand for keyboards hooked into a midi system, etc.

piano desk

Recently one of my clients faced this dilemma. She had a piano which had been in her family from the time her parents were children. This piano was cherished by the family, and had been moved from place to place as the family moved. The problem was that the piano did not work well enough for the children to take lessons on. The family purchased another piano leaving the old upright piano to take up a corner of their living room. The client came up with the idea to convert the piano into a desk. She was referred to me and explained her idea. I thought that her idea was an elegant solution to a problem that I encounter frequently. The result is shown in the picture below.

There are many beautiful upright pianos with rare veneers and ornate cases and legs. These kinds of pianos will likely never be available again. The turn of the century craftsmanship would be far too time consuming to be practical in our modern world. It seems a dreadful waste to throw these pianos out. Turning the piano into a functional piece of furniture seems to be a far better solution than putting what is really a piece of art in the garbage. For this reason Craftsman Piano Co. will provide this service.

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