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Craftsman Piano goes 3 D

At Craftsman Piano we enjoy working on Steinway Concert Grand Pianos. At this moment we have three unique Steinway concert grands.

The most unique is a Steinway High Polish Rosewood Centennial Grand Piano from 1876 with a cut out music rack and serpentine legs. This piano has been completely restored with a new sound board, pin block and Hamburg Steinway action. The result is spectacular. This is a sensational piano in every way. The touch and tone are responsive. This piano will go from fortissimo to piano effortlessly. It has incredible dynamic range. This is a piano that is perfect for chamber music. It does not have the edge that a modern Steinway concert grand has. It does have an incredible sweet, beautiful sound perfect for a small venue or informal gatherings at a soiree. This piano will be played in concert this fall at our location at 453 White Plains Rd. Eastchester NY. The date for this chamber music concert has not been set yet.

craftsman piano steinway

The second Steinway D on sale at Craftsman Piano Company is also unique. Built in 1884 this piano is the seventh modern Steinway D ever made. It has been completely restored with Hamburg Steinway parts. The finish is satin ebony. This piano is much more powerful than its progenitor, the Centennial Grand. It is in demand for concerts and recording sessions. It has been played in concert by Vasilly Primakov and Natalia Lavrova, two up and coming piano stars. They have also used this piano for recording. This piano may also be heard in concert at Craftsman Piano Co. this fall. Date to be announced.

Craftsman Piano

The third Steinway concert grand at Craftsman Piano Co. is still being restored. This is a more modern Steinway built in the 50’s. It has been restored with a sound board constructed from a thousand year Alaskan Spruce, and Hamburg Steinway Parts. Refinished in ebony high polish this piano makes a fashion statement as well as a sound statement. This piano will be suitable for any venue. We have restored similar pianos before. All have been huge success.

Whether you are a potential piano buyer, interested in our concerts, or would just like to stop by and try our Steinway D’s and other pianos you will be welcome at Craftsman Piano.


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