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Music Concert Series | Soirees Musicales | Eastchester, NY

We are pleased to announce the new schedule of performances for our professional concert series, Soirees Musicales featuring members of the staff of Crestwood Music Education Center and other distinguished guests.

We have entitled this series “Soriees Musicales,” for its intimate feel, which creates the perfect listening climate to promote a unique, high-quality musical experience. Based on the nature of the setting, our concerts are designed to allow for a closeness with the performer that facilitates an appreciation and an emotional connection to the works being performed.

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The series will be scheduled weekly on Friday and Saturday evenings starting at 7:30 p.m. Friday’s concert will feature primarily Jazz artists, as well as musicians from around the world, who will perform music from their native country, demonstrating culture with an authentic appeal. Saturday we will feature exciting recitals of classical music with an opportunity for the artists to interact with the audience, and to create a warm and human connection between themselves, the audience and the music.

  • April 12: Johnny Johonsen, Jazz Guitar/Enrique Haneine Piano
  • Apr 26: Pierre Piscitelli, Jazz Piano
  • May 3: Vassily Primakov and Natalia Lavrova, Piano Duet
  • May 10: Dominique, Flute/Piano Accompanist
  • May 31: Doren Wilkes, James Ronti, Robert Stattel, Brass Trio
  • June 21: Yelena Grinberg, Pianist
  • June 28: Kanako Koyama, Piano and Keita Fukushima, Violin

For a special treat, start the evening off with and exclusive behind the scenes look at an authentic piano restoration warehouse where you will see the world famous Steinway pianos being refinished, refurbished, and tuned to perfection.  Learn more about our Piano Immersion Experience here.  Please call us if you have any questions about the concerts or the Piano Immersion Experience, 914.476.6704.

Joe Hanerfeld,
Craftsman Piano


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