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Superstorm Sandy and Your Piano

Hopefully you survived the storm with no damage to any of your possessions. However, if your piano has been damaged by water as a result of the storm you should act quickly to prevent it from being ruined.

There is a wide variety of damage to your piano that could be caused by a storm. If the piano has been exposed to water or excess moisture it should be removed immediately to a location where it will not be subject to further damage. Once that happens the piano should be carefully restored to the proper humidity. Only then will it be possible to assess the real damage that was done to the piano.

Craftsman Piano can help in many ways:

  1. Evaluation of the condition of the piano. In some cases the damage to the piano will be impossible to repair. Craftsman Piano can help you make that decision. Because we know the real value of pianos we can help your insurance company to determine the replacement value of your piano.
  2. Once it has been decided that the piano should be saved Craftsman Piano can arrange for the speedy removal of your piano to our facility. The piano will have to be very carefully dried out. This will show the true extent of the damage. Once the extent of the damage is known Craftsman Piano can work with your insurance company to restore your piano to good order.
  3. Craftsman piano has two decades of experience in the restoration of pianos. Our business is to restore pianos usually that have been damaged by the passage of years. However, we have restored pianos that have been in fires and floods. Pianos that have had ceilings collapse on them, or have been filled with water after pipes have broken. In our facility we can replace veneer, make case parts, replace pin blocks, sound board, actions etc. Most importantly, we know when the piano cannot be reliably restored. We have experience working with insurance companies. We talk their language with detailed, knowledgeable estimates.

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