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The Reality of Investing in a Vintage, Restored Steinway Piano

So you are looking to purchase a fine piano which is also a great investment. Let’s look at what a competently restored vintage Steinway is. It is a piano that is beautiful to look at, and a dream to play. It is also a commodity which has had a history of holding it’s value. Let’s define value. The first definition is that the piano can provide years of playing and listening satisfaction. That is the main reason to buy a piano. The second definition of value is that the piano will not depreciate in price as quickly as many other commodities. In my experience vintage, restored Steinway pianos hold their monetary value better than any other investment in the piano world.

Another great investment in the piano world is vintage restored Mason and Hamlin pianos. For decades there has been an argument over which piano is better, Steinway or Mason and Hamlin. In my opinion this is like comparing apples and oranges. The two brands have different qualities in sound and touch. From a quality of construction standpoint the pianos are different but equally well constructed. From a pianistic point of view I would have to say”de gustibus”. One thing is very clear, in my shop: Steinway pianos are easier to sell.

Another class of good investments in the piano world are the Yamaha, Kawai, and Boston pianos. These pianos are much less expensive and are valuable as good sounding, reliable work horses if a Steinway or Mason and Hamlin piano is not for you. These brands are a fine investment in the satisfaction of owning a really good instrument.

Finally, almost any brand of piano can have value as a source of satisfaction. It doesn’t have to be a an expensive or famous brand. What is important is the pleasure you get out of playing or listening to the piano. For this reason it is important to get confirmation from a competent piano professional that your piano purchase will perform reliably. Good luck, and choose wisely.

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