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Grand Piano
Steinway D # 51382 1884 Satin Ebony: This piano is the seventh modern Steinway Concert Grand made. It has been completely restored using the best parts available. Well known pianists who have played this piano in concerts include Vasily Primakov, Natalia Lavrova, Yelena Grinberg, Oxana Mikhailov, and Lisa Yui. The price of the piano is...
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This beautiful, restored piano would retail for $26,500 if new. It’s a Hoffman made by Bechstein Grand Piano. It’s very high quality—better thank a Yamaha, Schimmel or Estonia. It has a good dynamic range and a very responsive action. Year: 2004 Color: Mahogany Finish: High Polish Size: 5′ 10″ Action Parts: Original Sound Board: Original...
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