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Mason & Hamlin Concert Grand Piano

For pure power the Mason CC has no equal. However, this particular Mason CC is balanced throughout the piano, with a superb dynamic range. This piano has been played in concert by classical artists such as Vassily Primakov, Natalia Lavrova, Yelena Grinberg, and Oxana Mikhailoff. It has also been played in concert by many jazz artists, the most well known is John Coliani. All have had a high regard for the musicality of this piano. It is used regularly by the musicians who play at the Soirees Musicales Saturday nights at the location of Craftsman Piano and Crestwood Music Education Center in Eastchester, NY.

Mason CC
This Mason and Hamlin concert grand piano has been completely restored with a new Bolduc sound board and pin block. The action parts have been replaced by Renner parts with Abel Hammers. In the past two years we have sold three Mason concert grands. The reason for this is that they are great pianos that cost substantially less than Steinway concert grands. This particular piano is nothing less than spectacular.
This piano would retail for $90,000 new.

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