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Mason and Hamlin
Steinway and Mason and Hamlin piano models are designated by letters. Here is a lesson in the nomenclature of Steinway and Mason Pianos. Steinway A 1: This model Steinway was made in the late 1800’s to very early 1900’s. The length of this model is 6ft. 2 in. They are termed hook bridge A’s because...
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For pure power the Mason CC has no equal. However, this particular Mason CC is balanced throughout the piano, with a superb dynamic range. This piano has been played in concert by classical artists such as Vassily Primakov, Natalia Lavrova, Yelena Grinberg, and Oxana Mikhailoff. It has also been played in concert by many jazz...
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The two best quality American piano manufacturers are Steinway and Mason and Hamlin. Both have distinctive characteristics, but which is a better piano? The answer is that there are advantages to both. Let’s take the models one by one. In determining the price range I will concentrate on the various pianistic characteristics of the pianos...
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